Zone Guardian Surge Protection System

Ultimate surge protection for power, telecom and LAN/WAN networks.

  • Patented five stage hybrid technology
  • Unlimited customer configurable expansion
  • $25,000 lifetime connected equipment warranty
  • 3 or 7 outlet power strip (US sockets)
  • Compatible with CPP snap-in communication port protection modules

ZoneGuardian is a fully configurable Series available in 3 outlet AC power plug-in, 3 outlet AC power strip, and 7 outlet AC power strip versions. The 3 outlet plug-in device plugs directly into a wall socket while the 3 and 7 outlet strips plug into the wall socket via a power lead. The ZoneGuardian Series provides exceptional protection and when coupled with CPP (communication port protection) modules this robust device also protects your telecom, LAN, data and/or coax applications.

The snap-in feature allows for the easy addition or change of data lines. Simply snap-in a new CPP module as required. CPP telecom modules are available with RJ11, RJ48S, RJ48C and terminal strip connector types. Network protection CPP modules are supplied with terminal strip, RJ45, MMJ, TwinAx or BNC connectors depending on the application.Coaxial applications are served by BNC or F-type coaxial connectors . The 64kA rated ZoneGuardian devices incorporate fail-safe protection through both in-line thermal and short circuit fusing. The critical earth connection achieves a common reference for both AC power surge protection and communication protection modules, eliminating the most common surge protection installation error.

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