Lightning is more powerful than an atomic bomb. WOW!


Lightning is in front of and behind a storm.


All thunderstorms produce lightning.


Lightning starts forest fires. Someone alert Smokey the Bear!


You should not take a bath during a storm.


You should not talk on the phone or play on the computer during a storm.


You should keep away from doors and windows when it is lightning.


If lightning is closer than 40 seconds (8 miles) you could be in danger.


Lightning is the cause of 1/3 of all church fires.


Most famous buildings have lightning protection. For example the Sears Towers, White House, Washington Monument


Even the North & South Poles are struck by lightning. Watch out polar bears!


Out of lightning, tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes, lightning is the only one we can really afford to protect ourselves against.


There are 3 kinds of lightning: within a cloud, cloud to cloud, and earth to cloud.


Metal top cars are safer than convertibles.


It is all right to touch someone who has been hit by lightning, you will not get shocked, get help fast.


Lightning can strike in the same place twice.


Lightning has "HOT" or "COLD" bolts depending upon the voltage and duration of the strike.