Company Profile

Maxwell Lightning Protection of Florida was established as a family business in Dayton, Ohio in 1963, and quickly gained the reputation as "The Expert" lightning protection system installers. In 1983 this highly successful family business opened a separate operating branch in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Maxwell Lightning Protection of Florida Company was incorporated in 1993 and is owned and operated by son Guy C. Maxwell.

We have the most strenuous lightning protection installer-training program in the industry. The three-year program includes extensive blueprint reading and math along with lightning protection codes UL96A, NFPA 780, LPI 175 and safety courses. Realizing our installers are the backbone of our company, we take pride in making them the highest paid lightning protection installers in the area with full medical and pensions benefits. We supplement our trained installers with helpers as required for non-skilled activities such as hand trenching, repetitious adhesive fastening and roof monitors.

To better serve our clients, Maxwell Lightning Protection carries a $7 million dollar General Liability insurance policy and is a Drug-free Workplace with an electronic Hazcom Safety Program, qualifying us for insurance discounts. We utilize three major lightning protection manufacturers who supply only UL listed parts and materials for both our residential and commercial projects.


Our engineering/estimating department is equipped with the latest technology. We utilize AutoCAD, HP Plotter and Scanner for generating our own shop drawings, along with backup from several manufacturers engineering departments.


We perform our work throughout the entire southeastern United States. Our scope of work is generally found under Division 16 - Electrical, with involvement in the lightning protection, cathodic protection and/or grounding facets of this division.