Grounding System

Maxwell Lightning Protection expands its knowledge from lightning protection systems to more sophisticated grounding systems. We specialize in the following fields of work:

  • Signal Reference Grid (SRG) for computer floors
  • Uffer Grounding Systems for foundations
  • Bus Bars and Halo grounding systems
  • Static Grounding for airports and runways
  • Tank field and railing grounding
  • Radio and T.V. tower grounding systems
  • Building ground loops (counterpoise)
  • XIT and Chemical ground rod installations
  • Soil Resistivity Testing, Megger Testing, Ohm reading, Fall of Potential Testing
  • Equipment testing (metal counter tops, etc.), ground testing reports
  • Metal windows, metal doors, and frame grounding
  • Rebar grounding
  • Transformer & switchgear grounding systems
  • Fence grounding, security gates/fences
  • Lightpoles and lightpole mast grounding
  • Manholes and ductbank grounding systems
  • Telephone, electrical room grounding