Lightning Detectors
Lightning Detector
Early detection system used by Little League teams, golf courses, and recreational districts. As seen on ABC's 20/20.
EWS-Pro Lightning Detection
EWS-PRO is the only professional grade portable lightning detection and early warning device available today.
Surge Protectors
Pro Shield
Complete surge protection for PCs, LANs, POS Systems, Home Theatres and other sensitive electronic equipment.
Zone Guardian
Ultimate surge protection for power, telecom and LAN/WAN networks.
Heat Monitor
The Ti-plus multi-function instrument features an easy to read arrow display showing all ranges of dangerous heat conditions.
Metal Detectors
XT 8000 Portable Metal Detection System
The new XT 8000 portable walk through metal detection system is a full featured digitally controlled unit that can be deployed in less than five minutes, yet stores away in a rugged carry bag for easy transport.
Xtreme M-7 Handheld Metal Detector
The M-7 handheld metal detector is a perfect partner for use with the XT-8000 portable walk through system or as a stand alone personal search and detection device.