Maxwell Lightning Protection expands its knowledge from lightning protection systems to more sophisticated grounding systems. We specialize in the following fields of work:

Signal Reference Grid (SRG) for computer floors
Uffer Grounding Systems for foundations
Bus Bars and Halo grounding systems
Static Grounding for airports and runways
Tank field and railing grounding
Radio and T.V. tower grounding systems
Building ground loops (counterpoise)
XIT and Chemical ground rod installations
Soil Resistivity Testing, Megger Testing, Ohm reading, Fall of Potential Testing
Equipment testing (metal counter tops, etc.), ground testing reports
Metal windows, metal doors, and frame grounding
Rebar grounding
Transformer & switchgear grounding systems
Fence grounding, security gates/fences
Lightpoles and lightpole mast grounding
Manholes and ductbank grounding systems
Telephone, electrical room grounding