Our Price $899.00

Actual Size: 9"H x 10"W x 5"D

EWS-Pro Lightning Detection & Early Warning System

EWS-PRO Features:
Accurate digital microprocessor with patented dual antenna receiving system

Built-in 12 volt rechargeable power source, operating for 7+ days on a single charge

Loud 95 db alert horn, with adjustable range setting

Rugged weather-resistant case

Low battery indicator

Severe thunderstorm alert that warns of large storm cell approaching

False signal filtering feature to warn against any possible location interference

Accurate identification software that eliminates alerts to harmless cloud-to-cloud lightning activity

EWS-PRO Applications:
Construction sites

Mining/drilling sites

Golf courses work crews

Airport/airline ground crews

Outdoor events, like sailing regattas, concerts

Military training sites

Professional/university/school training facilities

Outdoor Parks & Recreation program

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