About Us

Founded as a family business in Ohio in 1963, this highly successful company incorporated a separate operating branch of Maxwell Lightning Protection in Orlando, Florida in 1983.  Growing from a branch to a separate entity, Maxwell Lightning Protection of Florida Company was established in 1993.

Guy C. Maxwell trained through IBEW ALBAT apprenticeship program and graduated in 1975 as a Journeyman.  He began full-time employment with the family lightning protection business in 1976, assisting in its growth from 4 to over 40 employees. Prior to opening the Florida branch Guy Maxwell assisted in the family lightning protection business installing systems on various government facilities at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

Guy C. Maxwell, an experienced veteran of over 29 years in lightning protection, has an in-house team of trained, professional technicians who manage all phases of the protection projects.  With bases in Orlando and Jacksonville, this team has built a reputation for quality work that is recognized for its considerable expertise in all types of lightning protection projects from the smallest to the large and difficult.

Maxwell Lightning Protection of Florida has grown from 10 employees in 1993 to over 25 today, taking Maxwell from a UL listed contractor to UL listed manufacturer status.

Guy C. Maxwell is LPI (Lightning Protection Institute) certified as a Master Designer/Installer #1015.  The company is licensed in Broward County #97-4883 and West Palm County.

Maxwell Lightning Protection does specialized work in Lightning Protection and Grounding Systems, Surge Arrestors, Electronic and RFI Shielding, Signal Reference and Computer Grounding Grids, Cathodic Protection Systems/Sacrificial Anode and Impressed Current, Exothermic Welding, and Prefabricated Ground Bar Systems.

In its commitment to stay at the top of industry, Maxwell Lightning Protection carries $7 million in General Liability insurance.  Also, we have the most strenuous lightning protection installer-training program in the industry.  The three-year program includes extensive blueprint reading and math along with lightning protection codes UL96A, NFPA 780, LPI 175 and safety courses.  We supplement our trained installer with helpers as required for non-skilled activities such as hand trenching repetitious adhesive fastening and roof monitors.

Maxwell Lightning Protection has an electronic Hazcom Safety Program and is a Drug-free Workplace, qualifying us for insurance discounts.  Realizing our installers are the backbone of our company, we take pride in making them the highest paid lightning protection installers in the area with full medical and pensions benefits.

Maxwell has three major lightning protection manufacturers who supply all UL listed parts and for the convenience of both residential and commercial customers.